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Jason Bush

Founder of TCG and sometimes CTO, Jason focuses on the business management aspect of The Chart Guys. With a background that spans 10 years in various facets of the market, he now thrives in part-time swing trading, focusing on indices and sectors with significant momentum. Some of his most memorable trades come from his early days in penny stocks with tickers like FROZ running multiple thousands of percent, or trading the trip zeros which start at 100% returns. Disclaimer: Do not trade trip zeros! Beyond the charts and tickers, Jason is an aficionado of CrossFit, he challenges his physical limits with the same intensity he applies to business. His curiosity for AI technology and skill in Photoshop reflect his multifaceted approach to life, while his passion for PC gaming offers a dynamic escape from the rigors of the trading world.


  • Location
    British Columbia, Canada
  • Trader Since
  • Favorite Sectors
    Indices, Momentum Sectors
  • Hobbies
    Farming, CrossFit, Gaming, AI Tech
  • Favorite TCG Emoji

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