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Joey Hayes

With seven years of trading experience, and six at TCG, Joey has turned his laser focus towards trading commodities and index futures, crypto and hype sectors. Joey both swing and day trades with a heavier focus on day trading. Joey loves trading extreme moves in volatility, both in blow off the tops and extreme oversold bounces. His favorite trade setup is the stair step setup. An extremely passionate and meticulous personality fuels Joey’s desire to build a very high level of proficiency in any endeavor he undertakes. Previous obsessions have included hockey, drumming, long boarding, video gaming and frisbee.


  • Location
    North Carolina, USA
  • Trader Since
  • Favorite Sectors
    Index/Commodity Futures, Crypto
  • Hobbies
    Drumming, Frisbee, Longboarding, Mountain Biking, Building/Repairing Stuff
  • Favorite TCG Emoji

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