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Want to learn to trade, but feel lost? Dive into Technical Analysis with our community of over 1,000 members and never trade in the dark again.

  • Welcome to TCG
  • Trading the Gold Miners
    July 14, 2023
    Trading the Gold Miners
    Trading gold miners can be similar to trading other stocks, but there are also some unique considerations to keep in mind. Here are some steps to h...
  • Top Tickers for Day Traders
    July 4, 2023
    Top Tickers for Day Traders
    The stocks with the highest liquidity are typically large, well-established companies with broad investor appeal. Some examples of stocks with high...
  • What to do in a slow market?
    June 16, 2023
    What to do in a slow market?
    There are days, months and even years where movement is small during the day. Sometimes it’s not even that small, but still manages to feel grindin...

A Trading Community Dedicated To
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People come to us because they are seeking guidance and understanding on how to navigate stocks and cryptocurrency charts.

What they end up discovering is an entire community full of insight, education, fun, and support.

Discuss Charts in our Focused Channels

Our trading room is organised into sectors, and tickers into threads, to provide for maximum clarity and productivity during busy market hours.

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Guidance When
You Need It

Bounce trade ideas and strategies, get a second or a fifth pair of eyes to look over your charts, and never feel shy to ask any questions. Our team of experienced traders is here to help you.

You will also have the collective wisdom of hundreds of members both past and present at your full disposal, who have contributed to our extensive archives of excellent in-depth discussion threads over the years.

Educational Videos Library

Browse through our comprehensive range of both free and members-only educational videos and resources, covering a diverse range of trading-related subjects, and study the market at your own pace.

Free Trading Course

Introduction to Technical Analysis

This foundational course is available free of charge and is a great way to get started learning more about some of the basic concepts of trading.

Connect With Traders
Around The World

The Chart Guys is a place where we care about each other's professional and personal development and well-being, and where new friendships for life are forged along the way.

This strong sense of community spirit lies at the very heart of everything that we do, and fundamentally underpins our ethos and who we are as a company.

What our members are saying…

  • Mark, CA
    Chart Guys Member
    I’ve been a member of many different communities. Some of them were about following what specific individuals were trading, others were about chasing risky tickers, others were about boasting huge profits that never seemed to happen for me. Chart Guys was the only community I found that was based around education.
  • Lori, TN
    Chart Guys Member
    The Chart Guys have assembled a great group of T.A. traders and leaders that have given me the knowledge and confidence to become a much better trader.
  • Brock, AB
    Chart Guys Member
    I can't express enough how valuable the Chart Guys community has been for my trading journey. The support, knowledge sharing, and insightful analysis from fellow members have significantly enhanced my understanding of the market and boosted my confidence in making informed decisions
  • Jon, WA
    Chart Guys Member
    I have been a member of TCG for two years now, and it has been an invaluable community for me as I pursue my goal of becoming a full-time trader. The support and knowledge I have received from the community have helped me improve my discipline and trading psychology significantly.
  • Gian, AB
    Chart Guys Member
    I had been following Dan since 2017 because I liked his trading style. I started learning from him by watching his YouTube videos. In 2020, I decided to join the community, and I'm glad I did. I found the best place to learn from experienced traders with excellent trading skills.

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