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The Crypto Alerts System by The Chart Guys
Real-time technical signals that actually work! Our exclusive app for crypto traders monitors the markets around the clock and sends you instant notifications.
Proprietary Indicators
Benefit from our exclusive range of TradrPro™ Premium Indicators. Developed by our in-house trading gurus and popular with traders all over the world.
Major Crypto Exchanges
TradrPro™ generates signals based on real-time data streamed from a selection of popular and high-volume crypto exchanges around the globe.
Instant Push Notifications
Alert notifications can be received on as many devices as you like via the free Telegram app. Available for all desktop and mobile operating systems.
Quick Start Presets
TradrPro™ Premium comes bundled with a range of alerts presets which have been specially curated by our experts to help get you started. You can also create your own presets.
TradrPro™ Control Panel
The control panel has been re-designed from the ground up and gives you complete control over all of your alerts and settings via an intuitive web interface.
Hundreds of Trading Pairs
Choose from an ever-growing list of available trading pairs. And if you can't find what you're looking for, let us know and we'll happily add it.
More Trade Opportunities
The powerful TradrPro™ servers do the data crunching for you, so you can turn trading opportunities into profits whenever they present themselves.
High-End Servers
Our systems run on extremely powerful and scalable hardware located in state-of-the-art data centers. This provides unrivalled up-time even at times of high market volatility.

    The trading assistant that fits in your pocket

    Suitable for all levels of trading experience, TradrPro™ will revolutionize your trade execution and success rate.

    Tuned and perfected over many years of market experience, this unique platform is a huge time-saver and puts everything you need to make the most of your crypto trading at your fingertips.

    Both Free and Premium Plans Available

    New customer? Get 50% off your first month! Discount code: FIRST-50

    TradrPro™ Indicators

    Alongside some popular default indicators for your convenience, TradrPro™ comes bundeled with a range highly bespoke premium indicators – designed in-house by The Chart Guys – many of which combine a number of input parameters or data from multiple timeframes into a single signal in order to ensure that they trigger in the correct context, delivering an unparalleled signal accuracy.
    Did you know...
    What prompted the development of TradrPro?

    The fundamental driving force behind this innovative trading tool was our desire to quantify – and then codify – the precise market conditions that ChartingManDan himself uses to inform his trade execution and timing during specific market cycles. Our aim was to make our lives easier and to save time spent on scanning and analyzing the often volatile crypto markets, which presented a unique challenge for traders due to the fact that cryptocurrency markets are open and trade non-stop, twenty-four seven around the clock.

    The solution was realized in the form of a modular alert system which analyzes real-time exchange data, comprising of e.g. our BackBurner and Climax indicators, both effective signals in strong, trending markets, or the SuperStack indicator, which helps to identify potential market reversals in fear or FOMO conditions – often the most profitable times to enter or exit a trade – by looking for specific alignments of key technical conditions across multiple timeframes, and consolidating this data into a single, actionable signal.

    TradrPro Crypto Alerts

    Start Trading Crypto With Precision

    Leverage the power and accuracy of TradrPro™ to inform and guide your decision making, timing and trade execution, and receive instant push notifications as soon as relevant market events trigger one of your pre-configured alerts.

    Real-Time Alerts

    Multi-Device Compatible

    TradrPro™ uses a Telegram Bot to deliver alert notifications to any of your devices in real-time. Telegram is a free app available for download from both Google Play and Apple App Stores. Telegram is also available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

    Simple Setup

    Presets & Custom Setups

    You can create your own presets based on any existing ticker configuration in the dashboard, and easily apply this as a template to pairs. Setting up alerts can be achieved in just a couple of clicks.

    Intuitive Dashboard

    The Main Control Center

    The home screen of the Dashboard shows you all tickers and alerts you have set up, no matter which exchange, as one big overview. This is also the place where you can add new alerts and start or pause monitoring for individual tickers or indicators.

    Backtest Alerts

    TradingView Charts

    Tradr Pro™ comes integrated with TradingView charts which allows you to back-test any of the indicators to see where they triggered. Open them from any of your alerts and we'll show you a chart with the indicator and timeframe settings applied.

      TradrPro™ Webinar & Demo

      Discover the unique value proposition TradrPro™ has to offer
      In this half-hour webinar, Dan introduces the TradrPro™ Crypto Alerts System. Learn how to recognise different market conditions in order to determine the best indicators to choose, how to set up alerts and use presets, and more...
      TradrPro™ Webinar & Demo
      TradrPro™ Crypto Alerts System – Webinar & Demo

      What our users are saying…

      TradrPro User: Alex
      TradrPro™ User
      Life-changing app!
      The great thing about this system is it suits so many different types of traders. Or you might not even be a trader yet - but simply thinking about having a dabble. Thanks to the very customizable settings, even the rookie can use it. And for those who already have a few miles under their belt, then the alert system could be exactly what you need to start making the kind of income you just know is possible from trading crypto.
      TradrPro User: JP
      TradrPro™ User
      Peace of mind for my investments.
      The alerts allow you to step away from the computer satisfied in the knowledge that if the market moves in a favorable or not so favorable direction, you will always be informed with the most relevant indicators what is happening with your capital.
      TradrPro User: Soda
      TradrPro™ User
      Great alerts system to identify opportunities.
      A very good tool that helps give alerts for criteria met. You can set your own, or you can follow some templates. It's not a scam product that tells you to buy and what prices to put. It is not a pump and dump telegram scheme. You exercise your own judgement and analysis. This tool helps you keep abreast of market conditions with their price shear functions, RSI etc, without having to be constantly glued to a screen. In the few weeks of using it, their premium signals have also been very useful and quite accurate!
      TradrPro User: Mark
      TradrPro™ User
      The alert system is a total game changer!
      It not only saves my brain (and my marriage) by reducing the amount of time I spend staring at the screen, but it’s also a fantastic educational tool. As a new trader the alerts help guide me into trades by confirming the signals I think I’m looking for, as well as teaching me some new ones along the way.
      TradrPro User: Matt
      TradrPro™ User
      A vital part of my crypto strategy.
      Been using this alert system for a few years, the recent updates are incredible and very fast. As a working professional with a full time job this service is vital to my ability to buy the right dips and earn easy money in the current crypto bull market. I only have two eyes that are focused on work but thanks to TradePro I can "watch" as many coins as I want.
      TradrPro User: Travis
      TradrPro™ User
      Tradr Pro helped me better read the charts.
      As a new trader, this alerts system has not only helped me stay up to-date while at a basketball game or kayaking, but also helped me become a better trader at the computer as the alert causes me to verify and recognize the cause of the alert.
      TradrPro User: Lori
      TradrPro™ User
      Perfect for my busy lifestyle!
      Tradr Pro has helped me trade profitably while having a life away from the screen. Without these alerts, I would have to be glued to the screen 24/7 which is impossible with 5 children, a job, 5 businesses, a husband, a dog, and a partridge in a pear tree.
      TradrPro User: Dan
      TradrPro™ User
      Get an alert when money is on the table.
      I am using the alerts since 2017 and i cannot tell you how many times they were useful to notify me about a potential entry / exit. Great system! Get away from the computer and don't miss anything. Perfect for Day trading and Swing trading.
        Never miss
        a trade again!
        You don't need to stare at charts all day! Start receiving instant crypto alerts to capitalize on the best trading opportunities and spend your reclaimed time doing more productive things...
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