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Exclusive chart indicators for TradingView, offering invaluable technical signals and actionable trading alerts for day traders.


TradingView Indicator

Make the most profitable trades in fear or FOMO conditions with the BackBurner trading strategy.

Historical RSI

TradingView Indicator

The indicator that revolutionizes your understanding of market extremes!


TradingView Indicator

The trading indicator that gives you the confidence you need to let your runners run!


TradingView Indicator

The indicator that empowers you to identify the most likely scenarios!

Save 25%

4-in-1 Indicators Bundle

Includes the TCG BackBurner, TCG Historial RSI, TCG TradeKeeper and TCG TrendScout indicators.
Total Price
Save 25%

Indicator Features

Lifetime Access

A purchase of our indicators entitles you to unlimited life-time access.

Automatic Updates

Updates to indicators are made available free of charge.

Made for TradingView

A TradingView account is required to use these indicators.

Real-Time Alerts

Our indicators are compatible with the TradingView alert system.

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