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BackBurner Trade Strategy

Everything you need to know about the Chart Guys BackBurner strategy, from planning to execution to profit.

August 27, 2020
February 7, 2024
Aug 27, 2020
Feb 7, 2024
BackBurner Trade Strategy
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BackBurner Trade Strategy
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Transcript / Summary

Understanding the Back Burner Trade Strategy

At its core, this strategy revolves around capitalizing on the first five-minute or first hourly oversold conditions following a substantial bull run. Imagine a scenario where a stock has been rallying impressively. It attracts attention, but shrewd investors are wary of jumping in too late due to the fear of an overextended market – a common predicament in trading.

This strategy plays into the psychology of trading. There are always bulls waiting on the sidelines, hesitant to engage in a chase but eager to participate. They find their moment in the first consolidation pullback, where oversold conditions typically present a high probability for a rebound – an antidote to the dreaded Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

The Genesis of the Back Burner Trade

But why "Back Burner"? Let's talk etymology. Picture a trader eyeing a stock skyrocketing, yet feeling uncomfortable with the entry risk at such heights. The trader decides to wait, patiently, for the oversold conditions, effectively putting this opportunity on the "back burner." This approach is not about immediate gratification but about strategic, patient waiting for the right moment.

The inception of this strategy was in the realm of cryptocurrencies. A straightforward directive was given to new traders in this domain: buy Bitcoin when its Relative Strength Index (RSI) on the 5-minute timeframe drops below 30. This simple rule proved remarkably effective during the 2017 crypto boom, illustrating that even basic strategies could yield significant results.

Ideal Conditions for the Back Burner Trade

Like any sophisticated trading method, certain conditions optimize the Back Burner Strategy’s effectiveness. Here's a checklist for the ideal setup:

  1. Absence of Major News or Earnings: The pullback should be purely technical, not driven by external news or fundamental changes.
  2. High Liquidity Required: Focus on stocks like Tesla, where volume and liquidity are abundant.
  3. Preservation of the Long-Term Uptrend: The strategy is most effective when the long-term trend remains intact.
  4. Extreme Short-Term Downturn: Look for a precipitous drop in the short-term, which increases the likelihood of a V-shaped recovery.
  5. Historical Precedence: Examine past performance under similar conditions to gauge the potential effectiveness.

Entering and Exiting Trades

A nuanced approach is required for entering and exiting trades. For instance, in a hypothetical scenario with Tesla hitting first five-minute oversold conditions after peaking, a trader might make an initial entry when the RSI breaks 30 and a second if it drops to 20. The strategy involves a balance of risk and precision, and every trader must set a stop loss to limit potential losses.

Real-World Examples and Application

To bring this strategy to life, let's consider (OSTK) on the five-minute timeframe. The stock hits a new high, then enters the first five-minute oversold condition, dropping its RSI to 26. A trader might enter at this point and then quickly exit with a small profit, exemplifying a conservative application of the strategy.


The Back Burner Trade Strategy is a blend of patience, timing, and technical analysis. It's not suitable for every investor, especially those uncomfortable with trading on oversold bounces. However, for those who are willing to observe, learn, and apply these principles, it can be a highly effective tool in your trading arsenal.

Remember, the key to mastering this strategy lies in observation and practice. Start with paper trading if you're new to this concept. Gradually build your confidence and understanding before applying it with real capital. Happy trading!

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