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Dan McDermitt

A founder of TCG, Dan has 13+ years of trading experience. From cannabis stocks to crypto to large cap names, Dan loves to trade anything with volatility, volume and hype. Going through many euphoric cycles in varying sectors he refined his trading strategies to a hype name specialist capitalizing on large volatile moves in popular sectors. With volatility at his back, his signature move is the oversold bounce. After nine years of aggressive day trading, Dan is now taking his skill set to a swing trade mindset so he can enjoy his other passions including travel, music, and gardening. Dan still leads The Chart Guys supporting our community chat, answering questions, teaching and posting observations and trading setups.


  • Location
    North Carolina, USA
  • Trader Since
  • Favorite Sectors
    Wherever there is volatility
  • Hobbies
    Gardening, Ping Pong
  • Favorite TCG Emoji

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