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What is an Inside Bar?

This video explores the Inside Bars pattern. This candlestick pattern hints at market balance and upcoming breakouts. By recognizing it, traders can predict market shifts following major breakouts or breakdowns.

November 8, 2017
February 7, 2024
Nov 8, 2017
Feb 7, 2024
What is an Inside Bar?
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What is an Inside Bar?
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Transcript / Summary

In the vast landscape of trading, patterns play a pivotal role in guiding traders towards profitable decisions. One such pattern, known as the inside bar, has garnered significant attention for its potential in market analysis. This article aims to shed light on the inside bar, its recognition, and its application in the trading world.

Understanding the Inside Bar

At its core, the inside bar is a candlestick pattern that indicates a tightening range in the market. This pattern emerges when the range of a candlestick is entirely encompassed within the range of the preceding one. Such a formation signals that the market is reaching an equilibrium, characterized by a lower high and a higher low. This equilibrium is crucial as it often precedes a breakout, signaling traders to pay attention.

The Anatomy of a Candlestick

A basic candlestick comprises four main components.

High and Low

These elements represent the complete range of the candlestick for a given day.

Open and Close

These components provide insights into the day's momentum, indicating whether the bulls or the bears dominated the trading session.

While the inside bar primarily focuses on the high and low, it's essential to understand that this pattern signifies a tightening range, often accompanied by a decline in volume.

Recognizing the Inside Bar in Action

The mother bar, or the candlestick with a more extensive range, precedes the inside bar. If an inside bar appears to the left of the mother bar, it's not considered valid. The pattern's essence lies in its ability to show, over time, that the range is tightening. This tightening is evident across various time frames. For instance, if you spot an inside bar on an hourly timeframe and delve into a 5-minute timeframe, you'll observe higher lows and lower highs, indicating a tightening range.

The Significance of the Break

As the range tightens, a point of flex or a breakout becomes inevitable. This breakout is accompanied by a spike in volatility and momentum, offering traders a clear indication of what to watch for. The break's direction, whether bullish or bearish, is determined by the high and low of the inside bar. A break above the high signals a bullish trend, while a break below the low indicates a bearish trend.

Inside Bars in Real Market Conditions

Inside bars typically form in strong market conditions, post breakouts or breakdowns. For instance, after a robust breakout, the price might slow down and trade sideways, consolidating before the next move. This consolidation is evident in the formation of inside bars, signaling traders about potential future movements.

Practical Examples

  1. Apple on the Daily Timeframe (February 2017): After a gap up on earnings, Apple's stock showed a clear pattern of inside bars. The volume dropped off, and the range tightened, leading to a bull break, indicating continued bullish momentum.
  2. Gold on the Hourly Timeframe: In an uptrend, gold displayed an inside bar pattern. A break above the high of the inside bar signaled bullish momentum.
  3. Biotech Sector (XBI) on the Weekly Timeframe (September 2016): After a bullish move, an inside bar formed, followed by a bearish break, indicating momentum shifting to the downside.

In Summary

The inside bar pattern is a powerful tool in a trader's arsenal. By understanding its nuances, traders can identify consolidation periods and anticipate potential breakouts or breakdowns. This pattern, by definition, showcases consolidation after significant market movements. Whether you're observing the macro or micro version, the inside bar remains a consistent indicator of market momentum. For those keen on diving deeper into this pattern and other trading strategies, offers a plethora of educational videos and insights.

Happy trading!

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