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The trading indicator that gives you the confidence you need to let your runners run!
Just gives that additional confidence to pull the trigger. This tool itself is worth the full cost of a TCG membership.
— Winston T.
TradeKeeper – TradingView Indicator
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Whenever I get scared and want to jump out of a trade I turn on the Tradekeeper and I get confidence to stay in the trade and make the most profit possible. Worth every penny.
— Anders O.

Indicator Overview

The Indicator that gives you the confidence you need to stay in winning trades!

Every trader knows that finding the perfect entry is only half the battle. The other half of the battle is knowing when you should be looking to lock in your hard earned profits, but it is never that easy. We understand the frustration that comes from nailing the perfect entry only to have your profits erased due to weakness on different timeframes. This is why we developed the Tradekeeper.

The goal of the Tradekeeper is simple: to keep you in winning trades. This is accomplished by actively scanning different timeframes for signs of strength and weakness, using a variety of classic indicators, which are then recalculated to provide a unique perspective on the market conditions. When the trend is strong the Tradekeeper will let you know that there are no red flags on the trade.

Indicator Overview

Personal gamechanger!

5-Star Rating
Tradekeeper has been a game-changer for me. Every time I second-guess my decisions, it reassures me and helps me stay committed to my trades. It's like having a mentor guiding me through the market's ups and downs. The value it brings far exceeds the cost!
Ami R.

Less of the unknown

5-Star Rating
Before Tradekeeper, I'd often exit trades prematurely due to fear. Now, I feel empowered and more in control, knowing when to hold and when to fold. It's not just a tool; it's a confidence booster. The investment in TCG membership is truly justified with this alone.
Garret J.

A must have inidcator

5-Star Rating
The uncertainty in trading used to get the best of me. But with Tradekeeper, I've found the courage to stay the course and capitalize on market movements. It's like having a safety net, ensuring I don't let emotions dictate my trading decisions. A must-have for anyone serious about trading and definitely worth the reasonable cost.
Sophia F.

    What is the TCG Trade­Keeper Indicator?

    Using the Tradekeeper is almost effortless. Once you are in a trade, all you need to do is flip on the Indicator and, after a few calculations, the script will populate a series of icons on your screen. If the TradeKeeper is supportive of continued uptrend, a green dot will appear under the candlestick. Similarly, a green dot above your candle indicates support for continued downtrend. In both directions a yellow dot may appear which warns you that the price action is getting a little extreme on at least one other timeframe and you may consider locking in some profits. 

    The purple dots tell you that the larger timeframes are weakening and the trends are moving counter to the preceding direction. Lastly, when the dots flip, Tradekeeper is no longer in support of the preceding direction. Sounds simple, and it is! Don't waste hours stalking the perfect trade only to watch your profits disappear. Let TradeKeeper help remove the emotion from your trades and maximize your profit potential.

    Indicator Details

    Features & Pricing

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    Included Features:

    • Life-Time Access
    • Free Updates

    Chart Guys Indicator Features

    Lifetime Access

    A purchase of our indicators entitles you to unlimited life-time access.

    Automatic Updates

    Updates to indicators are made available free of charge.

    Made for TradingView

    A TradingView account is required to use these indicators.

    Real-Time Alerts

    Our indicators are compatible with the TradingView alert system.
    Features & Pricing

    Case Studies

    See the Trade­Keeper Indicator in action...


    5 Minute Timeframe

    In this example we see a 5 minute uptrend with an entry at the higher low (indicated by the first white arrow). Note the green dots below the trend, denoting the fact that TradeKeeper was supportive of continuation at this time. The price begins to move with the trend eventually picking up speed resulting in short term extension and extreme conditions on smaller timeframes. Expecting consolidation, TradeKeeper updates the chart with yellow caution alerts; but does not flip the support despite the consolidation. The price continues to climb before settling into a consolidation pattern for over 60 minutes. During this consolidation we can see the printing of three purple dots denoting overhead weakness. Finally the bulls make their last move, but it isn't enough and Tradekeeper flashes a purple dot (indicated by the second white arrow) immediately before a complete crash which would have wiped out any profits on the trade.

    Case Studies

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