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The indicator that empowers you to identify the most likely scenarios!
Its amazing to have the most likely outcomes being plotted out for me right on the chart. This indicator does all of the visualization for me and its a great reminder that I need to think about what's happening on larger timeframes
— Egon D.
TrendScout – TradingView Indicator
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Trend Scout is a game-changer in the world of trading. As someone who believes that understanding price action is the cornerstone of successful trading, this indicator is a revelation. It seamlessly identifies trends across crucial timeframes, predicts potential price movements!
— Jared J.

Indicator Overview

Identify the trends, supports and resistances like a pro!

The very first thing a trader needs to learn is how to read price action, because gaining an understanding of trends, pivots, supports & resistances is absolutely essential to understanding how to make winning trades. The Trend Scout Indicator does this for you by identifying the trends on key timeframes, outlining where price is most likely to go next, and showing you where the next key supports and resistances are on those various timeframes.

For new traders, this is an essential indicator for learning how to read price action. For seasoned traders, this indicator is like a breath of fresh air: you won’t believe how good it feels to look at a chart and immediately know, without squinting or thinking deeply, how you can position yourself for a trade.

This indicator will change your life!

Indicator Overview

TrendScout is great!

5-Star Rating
It has dramatically accelerated my learning of the technical analysis principles talked about in this community and in the beginner videos. I just wanted to drop this note for future members who are on the fence like I was. Great job chart guys and @Mountain Mark

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