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Trading Education Roadmap

The Ultimate Getting-Started Guide

This roadmap is a tool we've put together to help you navigate some of our key educational resources, structured in a way that builds upon previous knowledge and helps to guide you on your journey to becoming a successful trader. Good luck and be patient with yourself, learning how to trade is a marathon, not a sprint!


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Your Journey Starts Here

Step 1

Let’s get our expectations in check and remind ourselves that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and will require thousands of hours to rack up the education and experience needed to benefit us later in our trading journey. There are no time horizons because some people can put in double the time of others, so this is just at your own pace. Here are a couple great resources to begin the long path ahead...

Great start! Now, let's get more in-depth...

"It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently."
Step One

Step 2

Now that we have some basic understanding of technical analysis, let’s start to apply those concepts to help you understand how time frames interact with each other, and how we can begin to structure different trade setups. Remember, this is just a rough guide and you should branch out into other sources as well! Check out the recommended trading books article for example.

You're doing great! That was a good chunk of essential theory!

After studying these lessons and concepts, you should have gained insights into utilizing different timeframes effectively, identifying the most likely trading scenarios, and various entry techniques. You should also have a basic grasp of market correlations, looked at a couple of our recommended trading books, and gained some experience of tools such as TradingView, including topics such as paper trading to build confidence, account growth strategies, chart patterns, and some basic trading styles.
Step Two

Step 3

Now let’s dive into some more specific trading strategies so we can begin honing in on what our personal edge or trading style may be. Remember, this is very likely to continue to morph and change over the years, so there is no rush to lock in any one specific trading style as your own right away.

If you have made it this far, well done!

After studying these concepts, you should have learned about a variety of trading strategies, including Fibonacci retracements, BackBurner trades, and Stair Step trading. You should have a fairly good understanding of risk management techniques, stop losses, and understand the importance of good entry and exit strategies, which are essential for successful trading.
Step Three

Step 4

Now the concepts will be getting a bit more advanced, looking into different markets and instruments such as futures, options, scalp trading, and so on. All your prior time and effort into trading education will have built the foundation that these more in-depth concepts will build off of.

You've reached the end of the road(map), but there's always more to learn!

Search for Psychology on this site and work through all that content too. Psychology and emotional control are some of the harder parts about learning to be a trader.

For other specific topics of interest search the hundreds of additional educational content items we have collected for you under the Resources menu heading.

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Step Four

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