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Intro to Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Course

This trading course will take you from zero to analyst. Start your education the right way and learn about the fundamentals of Technical Analysis.
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Intro to Technical Analysis Course Overview

Two things should be clear from the outset, even if you are new to this game… Firstly, in the world of investing and trading, there is an almost endless source of information available to you. Secondly, the only means to reduce this noise is through the Technical Analysis of financial markets.

So you are new to the stock market and there is an almost endless amount of information to learn. Where do you even start? What resources should you be using? What techniques are valid? Do you really need these indicators?

We have been in your position and we have made it our mission to make an education in the market as painless and straightforward as possible. Through years of experience and coaching we have developed a trading course to help introduce you to the essentials of Technical Analysis.

We present the basic concepts of Technical Analysis in trading and discuss its strengths and weaknesses so you have a grounded and unbiased introduction to this powerful analytical system.

The Best Technical Analysis Course – Free Overview

The Best Technical Analysis Course for Beginners

A solid way to start.

5-Star Rating
I found this course while looking for learning materials and I am glad I did. This course explains charting in a way I can easily understand with lots of examples to fall back on. I have a long way to go but I feel like I get it now!
Angela D.

Finally I’m no longer overwhelmed.

5-Star Rating
There is way too much misinformation out there when you want to learn charts. Everything is so advanced too. I had trouble keeping up. I am glad I found TCG and this course.

Could not ask for a better package.

5-Star Rating
I was one of the first students to take this course and I was very impressed right away. I’ve traded for many years but this course really connected some basic concepts I never really understood. Great audio, excellent foundational materials.
Philip R.

    Intro to Technical Analysis Course Structure

    Over 2+ hours of Training Material
    This free online trading course is structured into logical modules and lessons which build upon one another. Study as few or as many as a block as suits your schedule, track your progress over time, and easily return to where you left off anytime.
    Module 1

    Course Outline

    Course Outline
    Module 2

    What is Technical Analysis?

    What is Technical Analysis
    What does TA Assume?
    Not a Crystal Ball
    Forecasting Weather
    But the weatherman is wrong...
    Blackjack & Counting Cards
    How does an Analyst make money?
    What do Charts Provide?
    Why TA Works
    In Summary
    Module 3

    Financial Charts

    Introducing Financial Charts
    Types of Charts
    What are Candles?
    What are Trends?
    What are Patterns?
    Module 4

    Support & Resistance

    Support & Resistance
    Using Analogies
    Supply and Demand
    Understanding the Order Book
    Creating Support and Resistance
    Establishing Levels
    Trading Strategy: Bottom Fishing
    Trading Strategy: Breakouts
    Module 5

    Trading with Trends

    Keys to Success
    Issues with Trends
    Types of Trends
    Trends are Fractal
    Identifying Trends: MAs
    Identifying Trends: Regression Lines
    Identifying Trends: Trend Lines
    General Trend Rules
    Trading Strategy: Channel Trades
    Trading Strategy: Break & Backtest
    Module 6

    Patterns & Psychology

    Patterns & Psychology
    Issues with Patterns
    Trading Strategy: Double Bottom
    Trading Strategy: Bull Pennant
    Module 7

    The Next Step

    End of Course Quiz
    The Next Step

    Intro to Technical Analysis FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Exactly is Technical Analysis?
    In this course, we'll dive into technical analysis, a technique used to evaluate investments by analyzing market trends and price patterns. Think of it as learning a new language—the language of market charts and graphs—to help predict future price movements.
    How Will This Course Help Me Start with Technical Analysis?
    We'll begin at the beginning! You'll get to know different chart types (like line and bar charts) and learn to identify simple patterns and trends. We'll also introduce you to key tools and indicators that analysts use to read the market. It's hands-on learning, designed to build your confidence step-by-step.
    What Key Indicators Will I Learn About?
    We cover essential indicators such as moving averages (to spot trends), and patterns to determine market behavior. By the end of the course, you'll know how to use these tools to make informed decisions.
    Can Technical Analysis Really Predict Stock Prices?
    In our course, we'll discuss how technical analysis can be a powerful tool for making educated guesses about future price movements. We emphasize a balanced approach, combining technical analysis with other types of market research.
    What Are the Limits of Technical Analysis?
    Our course will also cover the risks and limitations of relying solely on technical analysis. We believe in a well-rounded approach to investing, where technical analysis is one piece of the puzzle. Understanding its limitations is crucial for making smart investment decisions.
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