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Lamont Yu

A trader born from the 2017 crypto run, Lamont has been a full-time trader for 7 years. Fortunate to have found TCG soon after entering the markets, he has spent most of his trading career as part of the community. His passion for trading the markets led him to expand his operations to include trading futures, options, and securities as well. Though he allocates much of his bandwidth daytrading index futures, Lamont also engages in short-duration swing trades, position trading, and managing retirement accounts. Based out of NYC with a background in politics and education, Lamont has benefited from exposure to many different walks of life and revels in learning new things and considering alternative perspectives. A strong believer in the value of teaching to affirm one’s own understanding, he loves to identify analogs across his wide array of interests ranging from awareness practice to motorcycle touring. When not operating in the markets, you can find Lamont savoring his time with loved ones, hiking trails, riding his motorcycle or electric unicycle, and making friends with neighborhood animals.


  • Location
    New York, USA
  • Trader Since
  • Favorite Sectors
    Index Futures
  • Hobbies
    Reading, Hiking, Striking, Moto-Touring, Electric Unicycling
  • Favorite TCG Emoji

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