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Lori McGwire

Senior Analyst
A CEO turned daytrader, Lori’s passion for learning and growth led her to trading after selling her physician management company. Lori has eight years of trading experience, seven of them with TCG. With her extreme dedication and work ethic, Lori has found her niche in day trading and swing trading both options and futures, favoring high beta tech, futures indices and commodities. Her signature setups are the squeezes, beach ball setups and back burner trade setups. Despite her t-shirt that says “I like day trading and about three people”, Lori brings her southern charm and care to the community, driven by her determination to help newer traders avoid some of the same mistakes she made early on in her journey. A farm girl born and raised, Lori spends her time away from the market wrangling cattle and fixing farm equipment at her family home in Louisiana. She is a wife and mother in a blended family with 5 kids and a dog named Sister.


  • Location
    Idaho, USA
  • Trader Since
  • Favorite Sectors
    Movers and Shakers
  • Hobbies
    Interior Design, Reading, Dancing
  • Favorite TCG Emoji

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