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Pre-Market + Stock Market Live Stream June 25

Pre-Market + Stock Market Live Stream June 25

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Join ChartGal Lori as she runs through the pre-... Read More
Pre-Market + Stock Market Live Stream June 25
Join ChartGal Lori as she runs through the pre-market prep at 8.30am ET, and then live streams into the stock market open. We open up this stream for the public to show you how we analyze the charts each and every morning for our private members.🔥 We've got a wealth of free resources to help you master the art of trading. See how we can help at 👋 Welcome to our world of technical analysis! We’re a bunch of professional analysts crazy about all kinds of market sectors! The Chart Guys are dedicated to teaching you the art of technical analysis for the long haul but you won’t see us flaunting Lambos or flashy gear, instead, we concentrate on developing the skillset for consistent trading to enjoy life whichever way you choose. Check out our website for: -Tons of free trader resources -Trading Indicators that work! -In-depth courses -Our interactive trading community and more… Yes we teach you patterns, emerging trends, and our unique sector insights, but our skillset goes deeper into the psychological elements which really makes the difference in this game. What sets us apart? 📈 Technical Analysis: Our analysts unravel the intricate market movements. 📚 Trade Education: Empowering you with the tools to master this game. 🔄 Trend and Pattern Analysis: Spotting opportunities others might miss. 🧠 Market Psychology: Understanding your own habits and emotions. Empowering you to navigate the financial markets with confidence and clarity! #technicalanalysis #crypto #bitcoin #stocks #daytrading #swingtrading #tradingeducation #learntotrade #charts #silver #gold #TSLA #SPY #QQQ #thechartguys Follow us on Twitter 🐦 / chartguys We're on Facebook! 💻 / thechartguys Instagram / chartguys

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