I’ve been seeing a lot of negative turkey sentiment on social media heading into this holiday season. People who don’t like turkey are trying to convince everyone else that they can’t possibly like turkey either for the following reason: “If you liked turkey so much, why don’t you eat it all year ‘round?”.

The problem with this mindset is that it adopts the mindset that nothing is special. It’s a mindset that lacks patience, and assumes indulgence and decadence every day. Turkey defrosts for three days, takes hours and hours to cook, and is hard to cook well.

I personally love turkey. I would probably eat turkey more often if not for the limitations in obtaining and cooking it. However, I also love holiday traditions, and the foods associated with them. It brings extra joy to those moments.

Imagine now if you will, that a turkey is a whale of a trade. A monthly setup, a 3-year bottom. You couldn’t trade that setup every single day, daily you use habits, small attainable goals based on what is given in order to be healthy. And you wait patiently for the monthly trade, the big one to come along, to defrost, to marinate, to cook, and then you indulge in your A+ setup.

Generally speaking, those who indulge every single day, become bored more quickly, and have to increase their risky behavior in order to feel the same as they did with less stimulus. Don’t suck the joy out of life or trading by thinking every day has to be the grandest day. It’s okay to patiently wait for nice things. Enjoy the in between, give thanks for the day to day and small life pleasures. Reset yourself so you are ready for the next turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!