Lately I’ve been having a strong desire to buy a horse. I’m not what you would typically call an animal person, I don’t have any pets, no dogs, I’ve owned a few fish. But I really want a horse. I know nothing of tacks, health care, training other than what I’ve seen on shows or YouTube videos. They paint such a beautiful picture of them, I want that too. Sounds kind of like trading.

Horses mirror humans very well. They react to minute changes in our physiology and can show us our temperament, our fears, our nerves, and our ability to find peace and calm. Sounds kind of like the markets.

I can’t buy a horse in three months. I have no stable, I can’t actually ride it yet without getting a headache. I don’t have a way yet to take care of it every day. Why do people expect to trade for a living in three months?

I do have a 5-year plan. I have a place to build a stable, I’ve been working on more and more building projects to increase my knowledge in building, getting practice using more and more tools. I am forecasting and projecting costs associated with the horse. Feed, gear, building materials, help with the daily chores associated with the horse. Improving my health and fitness, working through my patience and skittishness - both which would be very bad matches for training a horse.

Perhaps I will be able to buy a horse before 5 years... But think of how much I’m going to learn, gain and grow along the way. I am not the person today that can own a horse, but I can become that person. It’s tempting to want to get somewhere already. Snap your fingers and you are where you want to be. But we have to actually become the people at some point along the way, before we can just be them. Sounds kind of like trading.