With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought it timely to think about gratitude. Most gratitude practices teach to start or end each day by writing down three things we are grateful for. However, it turns out that the benefits of gratitude have its roots (literally) deep within our nervous system. And these benefits are not really accessed if we don’t make ourselves really feel deeply what we are grateful for.

What are these benefits? And what does that have to do with trading? True gratitude sets off a host of neurotransmitters in our bodies that help to reduce anxiety, lead to increased motivation and decrease fear. Do any of those seem necessary for trading?

But to access the benefits, we must feel genuine empathy or sympathy. We must connect deeply with the feelings of gratitude. We cannot do this simply by writing down the first thought of something we’re happy about off the top of our head.

So, this Thanksgiving, rather than quickly going around the table and listing something you’re grateful for, how about trying this gratitude practice instead (and then incorporate it a few times per week into your routine). Rather than thinking of a thing or person you are grateful for, think of a story that happened in which gratitude was given, or received in which you took part. Something that you did for someone in which they expressed their gratitude, something that someone did for you that connects deeply, makes you resonate, vibrate and hum with the good feelings of that event. Even a story that doesn’t involve you, but is truly moving. Think of a story that is a true day maker. Share that, feel that, let others vibrate in gratitude with you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our wonderful TCG family!