One of the biggest apprehensions in learning and utilizing technical analysis is the idea that there are too many ways to do it and simply too much information. People go from not knowing where to get started, to being overwhelmed by the amount of information to sort through, and in very little time have already graduated to feeling like they will never know enough to even get started.

I was listening to a podcast this week about anti-aging. The interview was centered on a man who has over the years been developing a protocol for anti-aging, and he is currently aging at a rate of .76 years. Meaning for every calendar year he is only aging three quarters of a year. He went into some detail about the 100 or so biomarkers he tracks with a team, the 78 organs of the body he tries to optimize for and the goals he has. On first listen, this seems a) insane, b) intense and c) completely unattainable and overwhelming.

However, he then mentioned that he has never experienced more joy in his life than where he is at now.

When he started the journey, he obviously didn’t start by optimizing every single one of these things. It has very clearly taken years of dedicated research and trial and error to get there. He started by taking a few small things, making some baseline assumptions, fixing one thing first after another. And the joy came in the learning. Imagine how boring it would be if there wasn’t anything more to learn? If the puzzle was simply solved for you right away.

Each step we take, from starting our learning process, to testing and retesting various hypotheses gives us puzzles, cognitive stimulation, and entertainment. There is so much joy in the discovery. The fact that there is so much we don’t know shouldn’t be the barrier to entry. It should be the joy that we can enter a space and know we will never be bored because there is so much more to learn.

But not starting at all, or fearing the things we get to learn, and have yet to learn, is where most people stay stuck. If we’re not making enough money instantly, it’s not worth it. If we don’t have our system 100% fool proof, we can’t start. Time to reframe.